School is created by a more than 150-strong community of teachers and pupils who have Polish roots and come from many former Soviet republics. Their ancestors found themselves outside of Poland without their will, as a result of deportations to the East or as a result of changing Poland’s borders.

The school emphasizes high level of teaching so that students can easily pass the Polish high school finals exams and get to study in Poland. It is equally important to rebuild their ties with the Homeland, therefore, beyond from the intense Polish language lesson, the youth explores knowledge of the history and culture of Poland.

The school’s activity is based on Christian and patriotic values. Teachers are constantly looking for new ways corresponding with the specificity of high school and dynamically developing reality, especially in the eastern part of Europe. These aspirations require strong foundations and authorities, therefore the whole community is accompanied with Pope John Paul II teachings and examples of the attitudes of great Polish patriots, who in various periods of our country’s history left a trace of their courage and courage.

The Polonia High School is a multicultural community that combines not only joint educational and upbringing activities but also a rich everyday life that puts new challenges ahead of the school. Young people from the East live in the school’s dormitory, where they have 24/7 care, psychological support, and help in learning. Their sustenance in the dormitory is partially funded by the Senate as part of the “Welcome home” program.

High school is a non-public school running on the rights of a public school. Thanks to this, it receives an educational subsidy for the education of pupils of Polish origin from the East. The Polish State covers the employment of teachers and also partly the rent for premises. The rest of the costs related to the maintenance and boarding of pupils from the East, as well as the costs of additional classes enabling development of students’ passions and interests, are financed from funds donated by the Donors to the account of the Foundation “For Polish Community”

We counting on the help of all kind friends who feel and understand the need to help Poles in the East. Individual donors and sponsors can give a chance for good education opportunity for these young Poles and in this way specifically help their families and the Polish community in the East. To help our youth from the East check “How to Help” bookmark.